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Every business is today faced with a bewildering range of demands for people and financial resources. The challenge of the brand diversification and multi-channel world has added to the already choked project portfolio in many larger businesses. The opportunities associated with new channels, the potentials of one-to-one marketing and the need to accelerate product innovation make the project wait-pen ever larger.

We have a very practical set of tools and approaches which have evolved in leading businesses across the world and which a management team can use to make tough decisions on what to do and what not to do when forming LLCs.

We also have extensive experience of helping organisations to find synergies and big cost-savings across their portfolio, by integrating key aspects of projects through innovative designs, thus reducing duplication, etc. There is always a way to release 20% of total investment, which can be deployed to build the future more profitably and more efficiently.

We can introduce simple and effective business tools to:-

  • Accelerate speed to market by introducing proven team working and decision-making processes, which have evolved from hard experience in innovation-led businesses.
  • Drive in effective knowledge management systems, which support a revitalised innovation process and will reduce communication times and reinvention.
  • Reconnect with the customer, using advanced customer research, needs analysis and sequential recycling approaches. The leading businesses are transforming how they touch antennae customers, so that they can keep their products and services continually adapting to the needs of their most important customers.

Our global clients and reference customers will confirm to you on a confidential basis how we will help you deliver results in businesses up to $70bn in size, with project portfolios ranging from $10m to $2.5bn. It is less about scale than about bringing in a ruthless focus on growth prizes, customer impact and the right ‘silver bullets’ (less is more).

The Webb Partnership has a strong track-record in implementing successful e-business and new channel solutions across a range of sectors.

We have developed a very practical way to bring together market research, concept development, logistics, customer care and technology infrastructure, to introduce powerful and profitable services in new channels in under 6 months.

We have used this economical and highly effective approach to introduce new channel solutions and two-way dialogue service for some of the largest businesses in the world. (see Case Study Consumer-Centric Operations)

We will help you to develop a robust and profitable multi-channel entry strategy, face to face, phone and online. We will bring the fulfilment partners in who can get you in the market for $200k to $700k – soup to nuts.

Most importantly we know where the bodies are buried in these new supply-chains, and we help focus your investments towards the needs of your most profitable or high potential customers (b2b and b2c).

We help major banks and international retailers through to smaller national businesses to get on-line, and to develop new customer relationships, profitably – complementing and extending their traditional retail and relationship services.

We focus you towards the more flexible models for Customer Dialogue Management and Customer Value Management (CVM).

We can work with you to carry out a high-level strategy review in two to three weeks – talk to our reference customers to confirm the quality of this work. We can carry out an opportunity analysis and produce an economic model, functional specification and draft implementation plan (costs, milestones and high-level business case/feasibility) which can save 40% of a typical budget. Contact us for a discussion on how we might bring that experience to your organisation.

Paths to growth and efficiency

Re-shaping your business quickly and effectively for the emerging consumer-centric services and brands is perhaps the most strategic challenge faced by the leaders of today’s blue-chip businesses.

At The Webb Partnership we have distilled what is working in the markets. We have assembled all our experience of driving strategy development, brand growth and rapid innovation into a set of highly stimulating and practical programmes for senior executives and teams.

We look beyond simple brand extension, CRMWe look beyond simple brand extension, CRM or internet redesign , to the real customer service and brand innovation opportunities which leading businesses are exploiting

We offer a range of proven programmes to help you to conceive your change agenda and to inform, energise and focus your business

We have done this for many of the largest businesses in the world to great effect – from Unilever and Cadbury Schweppes through to HBOS, Prudential, LVMH, Royal Ahold and Vodafone.

Someone once said “the future is already here – in some territory or sector. It is just unevenly distributed.” Let us help you to find your future and distribute it in your business.

We offer:

  • Breakthrough strategy and “who can we learn from” workshops
  • Brand diversification workshop – building successful product brands into true consumer-centric brands.
  • “Guaranteeing this project delivers” workshops
  • Growth and innovation workshops – finding your 5 silver bullets
  • CRM master classes – avoiding the 75% of high cost CRM disasters – secrets of success in consumer intimacy and customer collaboration
  • Corporate venturing – learning from 20 years of corporate incubation failures and JV/private equity success