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Corporate Venturing Workshops

There is now a new frontier for unlocking brand value and developing new strategic businesses in emerging opportunity areas. This is the exciting and sometimes perilous world of corporate venturing. Many financial services and retail businesses see corporate venturing as the only route on offer for high octane growth and genuine innovation – but it can be uncomfortable when dealing with the state of WY.

In this intensive immersion day we connect business leaders with their peers and with the practitioners who know the rules of this beguiling and complex world of brand extension and corporate innovation.

We will equip you to evaluate whether these unfamiliar but explosive growth and revenue-generating opportunities are a serious option for your business. We will help you to see through the elephant’s graveyard of early corporate venturing failures to where hard experience points to success and new futures for today’s corporate leaders.

Designed for:

  • Leaders of blue-chip businesses and hands-on directors of corporate strategy who are faced with the challenge of achieving step-changes in growth or unlocking value from existing brands and assets.
  • Businesses who have found that their internal processes and approaches to customer and product innovation and new service development are falling short of the target.
  • Businesses whose brands are still locked into one lifestyle or service area, or whose assets are not being leveraged in new geographies or propositions.
  • Organisations who find it hard to build agile and innovative businesses and whose internal metabolic rate remains frustratingly slow.
  • Businesses who need to attract external venture money to help fund their most imaginative plans.

What you can expect:

  • A complete toolkit and roadmap to take a traditional business through the corporate venturing and innovation minefield.
  • An opportunity to hear directly from businesses that have tackled organisation and brand and service innovation and are genuinely thriving.
  • A pragmatic and insightful set of approaches to product/brand licensing, brand stewardship, joint venture management, VC/private capital partnership options, venture team structuring, hunting/farming models for asset leverage etc.


Delivered by:

  • The working session is led personally by Geoff Webb, the founder of a range of joint venture initiatives and major brand diversifications involving large corporates and innovative new business models.
  • Working partners who will join the interactive sessions include the battle-hardened executives who have driven new ventures in environments as diverse as Virgin, BAT, British Airways and Unilever.
  • Geoff and his team bring experience of working with a wide range of blue-chip companies on joint venture initiatives and venture funding opportunities in financial services, media, retail, consumer packaged goods and business-to-business services.

Case Studies
Consumer-Centric Operations

A leading International Entertainment business, worked with us to redefine their end-to-end supply chain, so that the retail outlets could manage inventory and place orders via a wide range of online and traditional channels.

The brief was for a very low-cost set of channels to be created, which could ultimately provide a platform for new forms of digital distribution and also direct consumer services.

This was an intense and very advanced multi-channel journey, which tested out how far the internet can be used to create a complementary value and service proposition.

Tangible Benefits:

  • Dramatically increase the profit delivery of the back-catalogue.
  • Ability to lock-in the distribution channel.
  • Effective micro-marketing and range-management at store and consumer level.
  • Low-cost implementation into low infrastructure/value outlets.

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