Our Company Synopsis

Welcome to The Webb Partnership

The Webb Partnership is a Business and Service Innovation Consultancy, helping ambitious organisations to drive rapid growth, transform how they serve their customers, reposition and invigorate their organisation and accelerate the delivery of new products and services, including our specialty LLC formation process, which includes mail forwarding. 

Partners for Leaders: We work with the CEO and leadership teams of many of the world’s most aggressive organisations. We bring immediate challenge to your current strategy and provide the hard-edged market-analysis and facts to generate innovative solutions to your growth-gaps. We help you through to rapid implementation in the market – stronger brands, services targeted for today’s consumer, greener, healthier, more premium or more convenient credentials to secure more loyalty.

Partners for Innovation: We are very different to the large and lumbering consultancies. We operate on a partnership structure, using over 180 highly experienced associates who have been at the sharp end of business at all levels. This gives us low-cost wyoming Secretary of Stateaccess to deep experience across the major sectors of Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Foods, Telecoms, Travel & Entertainment, Private Equity and Corporate Venturing, from our partners at the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Our Approach: We deliver results in the market within six to nine months. We do not spend time boiling the ocean, wasting your time in unnecessary meetings or producing documents by the kilo. We know what the consumer wants this year, we know where the bodies are buried and we work hard behind the scenes to produce only relevant, succinct and actionable solutions and implementation. We work at speed to increase your metabolic rate. Our people can typically respond to your precise challenges within days and be quickly sharpening strategy and solutions with your team. If you need to conceive and execute a step-change which will be felt by your customers very quickly, then we can support you from start to finish – and then we move on!

Customer & Service Innovation Workshops

Consumer needs are becoming more sophisticated and diverse in almost every sector – in step with the emergence of new routes to market and increased competition for consumer’s hearts and wallets. Driving growth and reshaping services for the emerging multi-channel world are amongst the most strategic issues facing leaders of today’s successful businesses.

We identify practical ways to get it right – achieving step-improvements in efficiencies, product availability and brand presence in existing and new service channels. We get to the heart of how to build new capabilities and partnerships which will grow the core business and will guarantee enduring and profitable relationships with your target customers. Everything is based upon hard experience, rather than platitudinous fluff.

“This accelerated ‘strategy to action’ programme uses proven approaches and hard experience from the best companies in the world. It equips senior teams to rapidly develop their customer relationships and growth options.”

Designed for:

  • Senior executives running complex consumer service businesses which need to put the current customer, market changes and new relationship channels into context and get practical.
  • Any executive team who wants to use more efficient profit models and multi-channel services to gain flexibility, customer intimacy and brand reach. Is there a hunger for growth?
  • Business teams who need to get to market rapidly with a range of innovative and effective low-cost initiatives. Teams who have a sense of urgency, but who need to focus their energies sharply.

What you can expect:

  • A tailored programme loaded with hard operational experience and topical anecdotes from Geoff Webb of The Webb Partnership, the leading global practitioners of multi-channel and customer-led innovation.
  • Comprehensive analysis of successes and failures of best-in-class business innovation experience across the sectors and across the world, providing you with the understanding and confidence to make your own decisions and to see the way forward for your business.
  • A very pragmatic and insightful set of approaches to customer relationship and new channel integration, picking out the agenda for your business which will keep you ahead of the competition in the eyes of your customers, using sensible and affordable steps.
  • A business dissection of the real examples in the market of innovative services which enhance customer intimacy, make money, integrate well with existing channels and work well operationally.
  • An opportunity to hear directly from businesses that have tackled organisation and brand/product innovation and are genuinely thriving.
  • A proven set of approaches to reach the market with new customer services and product innovations in under six months – learning from successes and failures in Royal Ahold, PepsiCo, Tesco, Virgin and a range of other low-cost innovative businesses.

Delivered by:

  • Geoff Webb, founder of The Webb Partnership, and a former senior executive of Unilever and Barclays. The Webb Partnership is a battle-hardened international customer innovation and change management consultancy.
  • The author of The M-Bomb, the definitive business innovation and survival guide for the multi-channel world.
  • Geoff is supported by the team who have lead or learnt from 1000 years of new-channel and customer service innovation – from Sydney to Santa Barbara to Stuttgart, and even Wyoming.

Contact us:
Call us for references from a wide range of blue-chip companies who have benefited from these highly practical, tailored and rewarding programmes. If you are interested in any of the programmes we have outlined or if you would like to discuss your particular requirements in more detail,